We create intelligent growth.


e. i. growth =

emotionally intelligent growth.


Smart leaders don’t want just any kind of growth, any more than gardeners want a farm full of weeds.

I help leaders and organizations create growth that aligns with their desired values, culture and strategy.

This happens through stories that I tell on behalf of my clients.

My work combines my experience in sales, marketing, PR, organizational development, learning, leadership and technology to find the optimal solution – lowest-cost, highest-profit, great results.


Current projects:

Chicago Storytelling Workshops

How CEOs Transform Companies (online training)


Here’s what others are saying:

Your work is simply mind-blowing.

- Deborah Moroz, CEO of HROIC


Your grasp of transformation is incredible.

- Robert Miles, PhD, CEO of Corporate Transformation Resources, former Professor at Harvard Business School


In 30 years, yours is the best representation of change in the workplace I’ve seen.

- Sylvia LaFair, PhD, CEO, coach and NYT best-selling author


Awesome job, well done.

- Nikos Ridge, CEO of Ninkasi Brewing


Great work.

- Alex Wilcox, CEO of JetSuite


Impressive results.

- Michael Rondeaux, CEO of the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians


Exactly what I needed.

- Mark Cox, Managing Director at Blackrock


Definitely work with Aaron if you have the chance.

- Trevor Mauch, CEO of InvestorCarrot



Case studies

Case studies

Case studies

Case studies

Case studies

Case studies
Case studies







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